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Regardless of whether your company is looking for Leaders, Managers or Front-line Employees.


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A motivated workforce that is committed to the growth strategy provides a solid foundation to the organisation. But that's not all. Just as every ship needs a captain, every organisation needs a leader who can lead not only by thought, but also by action. A good leader weathers storms and still waters at equal ease, maintaining their composure and inspiring their workforce to do the same.

Our team of expert consultants at Regulus  employ the combined use of critical and in-depth comprehension of the role, investigative market research and centralized networking for leadership hiring. Our exclusive approach will ensure that the candidate and the role are the right match.

Our Major Services in Staffing
Contract Staffing

Regulus as goes literally by the name, is the process of hiring talent for temporary or fixated tenure requirements. A contract staff outsourcing company provides the required employee numbers, ensuring quality, accuracy of job description, manages the paperwork and takes charge of paying the workforce. This solution is aimed to provide completion of a specific task or project that is limited in terms of time or frequency.

Permenant Staffing

Regulus is the process of providing required candidates for long-term employment based on specified candidate factors. A permanent staffing service provider accumulates the best fit candidates based on the bar of salary, experience, cultural resonance and job description to ensure complete provision of solution. A permanent staffing solution provider takes charge of finding, filtering, interviewing and placing the required talent in the organization.


Recruitment as function is becoming challenging every day with dynamic change in business demand and short supply of talent fitting into business need, the task of hiring the right talent at right time at desired location is the most challenging and herculean task. Understanding the today’s challenge, need of customers and our core strengths,

Hire, Train & Deploy

Oscillating business cycles, evolving customer demands, increasing global requirements, need for specialized expertise, expanding budget pressures – these are just a few notable challenges companies face when trying to effectively rebadge their talent. Whether it’s recruitment for peak-demand periods, handling backlogs, processing transactions, performing expert analyses or managing data clean-ups, our global recruiting networks with their far-reaching expertise are here to assist you.

Staffing solutions from Regulus are flexible by design through which direct oversight of the staff can be maintained. With several options for delivering solutions, Regulus provides skilled talent through offshore, nearshore or onshore models. Alternatively, your existing staff can be rebadged as Regulus employees, while you continue to direct their day-to-day activities.


  • Talented and skilled resources across countless F&A disciplines.
  • Access to onshore and offshore talent pools (with no commitments) at a competitive pricing structure.
  • Staff can be:
    • Your existing employees, rebadged to Regulus employees, working on-site at your location(s)
    • New employees, recruited and hired by Regulus, working on-site at your location(s)
    • New employees, recruited and hired by Regulus, working from a global Regulus delivery center to support your organization

How we’re different

  1. Rapid transition capabilities – quick ramp up/down, with award winning transition methodology.
  2. Skillful management of time-sensitive transition requirements.
  3. Ability to deliver high-impact process improvements and advanced technology integration.
  4. Unique recruiting capabilities – flexible and customized to suit client requirements.
  5. Rigorous hiring standards with background checks to client specifications.
  6. Expert project management methodologies to minimize transition risk.
  7. Relationships maintained with your current internal and external business partners.
  8. Support in over 10+ countries around the world.


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