Complete Digital Marketing Solution

Online marketing isn’t just about building traffic (at least not anymore) because what brands really want is to turn that traffic into sales. To see this through, we at Regulus IT Solutions provide a complete digital marketing solution that not only help brands in improving their online visibility, but also in generating leads and turning those leads into lasting customers.

Get Targeted Traffic

Get qualified leads & rank high on search engines.

Earn Higher Returns

We focus on online marketing strategies that will make you money.

Special Services

  • Paid Advertising/Pay per Click (PPC)

    Right keywords blended in the right message and served to the right audience in the right manner – with our PPC management services, your digital marketing campaign picks up the fast lane.

    We pour in our years of experience to help you leverage the most you can through paid advertisements while spending the minimum. With generic to long-tail keywords selection, optimized ad writing & landing page design, performance review and strategy update, we setup a PPC campaign for you that is bound to bring the traffic you want and deserve.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Each business has unique needs and goals. Therefore, we formulate a unique social media strategy for each of our clients based on the nature of their business, goals, target market, and other relevant demographics.

    As a ripened digital marketing firm, we know how to leverage social media throughout the customer buying cycle and enable businesses to make the most out of this powerful digital marketing tool. From building brand awareness to influencing customers during brand evaluation, as well as in turning them into loyal customers to boost brand’s customer retention rate; we take care of every crucial aspect in our social media marketing strategy.

  • Content Marketing

    Content text or rich media is the lifeblood of a digital marketing campaign. By creating & sharing engaging and valuable content, we give your inbound marketing efforts a significant boost.

    We write keyword optimized blogs & articles, idea & design info graphic, create presentations & videos to help clients build and maintain a solid online presence. Irrespective of the industry, our experienced team can take over the content creation task easily. Additionally, our team constantly strives to help clients gain new customers through the means of guest blogging, publishing press releases & white papers and more.

  • Email Marketing

    While many marketing firms are ready to drop email marketing, we believe that it still lies at the essence of internet marketing. The ease of creating & sharing emails, low cost, comparatively higher ROI, etc. make email marketing a perfectly viable digital marketing segment.

    We create engaging, mobile friendly newsletters & campaign follow-ups to help clients stay in touch of their target audience. Through marketing automation, we empower clients to manage their mailing list & feedback in an effortless manner and run their email marketing campaign in an efficient way.

  • Banner Ad Design

    With great ad design, catchy messages, and ideal ad placement, we give your online advertising campaign a unique look & feel, which helps your brand stand apart.

    We create conversion-oriented banner ads that get clicks. Together, our designing & marketing teams give ads a flair that put forth our clients as an authoritative lifestyle brand in customers’ eye, thus, help them get more potential leads. We also keep the mobile optimization aspect in constant consideration so that our design brings you maximum online traffic with minimum efforts and investment.

  • Conversion Optimization

    With each passing day, market is becoming more dynamic, competition is getting more intense, and clients are becoming more demanding. Bottom line – traffic is good, but businesses want sales. And that we ensure through conversion rate optimization services so that your digital marketing efforts & investment produce a good ROI.

    We thoroughly analyze the conversion funnel of your website for its UX design, feature functionality, information architecture, and content & CTA relevancy and then make the required updates. We particularly focus on the security and flexibility of the payment gateway and make sure that potential customers become aware of them in an effortless manner.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Without a good online reputation, turning leads into loyal customers is an unlikely task. So logically, online reputation management is crucial link to digital marketing chain. And without it, your digital marketing efforts are like pouring water into a jar with a hole in it.

Through our custom and thoroughly worked-out ORM strategy, we build positive brand recognition for clients to give their digital marketing efforts a proper finishing and turn their leads into lasting consumers. We take stringent measures to track what is being said about the clients in the online world and take timely actions to amend the situation and minimize the damage.

Whether you are looking for a complete digital marketing solution or just one service, feel free to share your specific requirements with us. Our professional team will gladly assist you with any type of digital marketing service query.

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